Morlock´s Market Leading Range of Pad Print Inks

Pad Print Inks: Morlock Ink Lab

Morlock is proud to be the European market leader in pad printing ink – known for our ink development and color matching capabilities.

Our deep understanding of ink performance combined with our familiarity of the entire pad printing process (from art development through production) allows us to provide inks designed to deliver repeatable high quality performance from your first print to your last.

Pad Print Inks: Expertise

Our Pad Print Inks:

  • 1- and 2-Component Inks, UV Inks
  • Performance Inks
  • High Density, Abrasion Resistant, Chemical Resistant Inks
  • Medical Inks
  • Metallic & Process Color Inks
  • Additives (hardeners, thinners, adhesion promoters, specialty additives)
  • Standard Colors
  • High-Precision Custom Color Ink Mixing

The experts in the Morlock Ink Lab can pinpoint the best ink for your specific application by combining our knowledge of compatible substrates with a long list of elements impacting your print requirements.

Please visit our Resource Center for Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Compliance and Technical Data reports.

What are you trying to decorate?
Thermoplastic, SAN, ASA

The following inks are recommended: M404, M366 M368, M745, M702, M727

Pre-treated polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE)

The following inks are recommended:
M924, M702, M720

Untreated Polypropylene

The following inks are recommended: M615


The following inks are recommended: M404, M368, M720, M745, M702


The following inks are recommended: M404, M368, M420-2, M720, M702, M924

Acrylic glass

The following inks are recommended: M404, M368, M420-2, M745, M702


The following inks are recommended: M909/GL


The following inks are recommended: M908-3, M908-4

Thinners, Hardeners and others additives

Contact us to learn more about our range or additives

Additional Substrate?

For more information, the inks list provided in our resource center will help you to find the right ink for your application.

Pad Print Ink: How to Select the Best Ink For Your Needs

M366 - Multiple Applications (often cosmetic industry)

M404 - Sporting Goods & Industrial Components

  • Common industries:
    • Cosmetic
    • Outdoor applications
  • 1 component color
  • Deep-drawn
  • High-frequency weldable
  • No latex, no products of animal origin
  • Technical Data Sheet : view here

M924 - Toy, Rotary, Medical Applications

  • Common industries:
    • Sports
    • Rotary Printing
    • Medical
  • Can work on all types of substrates
  • Resistant to alcohol, gasoline, detergents, oils and cosmetic products (nail paint remover, etc.)
  • Technical Data Sheet : view here


M615 - Medical Applications

  • Ideal for syringes and untreated polypropylene
  • 1 component
  • Ideal for Rotary printing
  • Medium outdoor resistance
  • Pigments with high light fastness
  • Technical Data Sheet : view here

M368 - Household Appliances

M908-4 Coin & Metal Automotive Parts

M420-2 - Multiple Applications (appliances, toys)

M908-3 - Automotive, Sporting Good, Coins

  • Common industries:
    • Automotive
    • Sporting Goods
    • Coins and Medallions
  • Good resistance for break fluid, gasoline, acid, alcohol
  • High gloss
  • Technical Data Sheet : view here

M909 - Glass Containers

  • Specially designed for glass applications
  • 2 components
  • High chemical resistance
  • Outstanding water resistance (also dishwasher resistance)
  • Technical Data Sheet : view here

M720 - Multiple Applications (sporting goods, medical, toys)

M745 - Multiple Applications

  • Common industries:
    • Sporting goods
    • Medical
    • Electrical and electronic parts
    • Cosmetic
  • 1 and 2 component
  • Very high external resistance to gasoline and alcohol
  • Outdoor resistant
  • High gloss
  • Technical Data Sheet : view here

M702 - Multiple Applications (automotive interior, medical, electrical)

  • Common other industries:
    • Automotive- Interior
    • Medical
    • Electrical
  • Very high resistance to oil, solvent, light acids, Lye
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • For indoor use
  • High gloss
  • Technical Data Sheet : view here

M727 - Multiple Applications (automotive, telcom)

  • Common industries:
    • Automotive exterior
    • Telecommunication (satellites)
  • 2 components
  • Outstanding weather and light resistance
  • Very high resistance to chemicals
  • Technical Data Sheet : view here

Additional Inks, Thinners, Hardeners, Additives

  • Contact Us for information about additional ink series, thinners, hardeners, and other additives!
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