Durable, High-Quality Decoration on Precious Metal Coins

Morlock has expertise decorating a number of coin and medallion geometries including round, square, convex and concave shapes.  We have deep knowledge in decorating on flat surfaces or on a relief.

Morlock solutions provide:

  • Superior repeatability
  • Innovative ink for highly durable decoration
  • Special premium-quality decoration with gold
  • Special effect inks (including: interference, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, thermochromic or security effects)


Extraordinary Visual Impact

Enhancing your product with special effect inks creates a host of new possibilities for creating eye-catching, head-turning visual impact.

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Metallic Effect

These inks produce a shiny metallic effect. We offer a wide variety of metallic effects which differ primarily in terms of color, particle size, gloss or matt level and abrasion characteristics.

These inks can be easily processed up to a particle size of 20 μm.

The color palette ranges from silver to gold to copper. With the addition of glossy color shades, additional eye-pleasing effects can be achieved.

Typical markets include:

  • creative and technical fields,
  • gastronomy products
  • scales
  • labels
Glitter Effect

Glitter effect is achieved by adding polyester particles (“glitter) to ink.

The most popular options are silver, gold and iridescent glitter.

The glitter particles are up to 50 μm in size and reflect the light depending on their color, amount and size. With dark backgrounds the glitter effect is intensified.

UVA Glow Effect

UVA glow effect is achieved with an additive which can be added to any ink.

Available as standard with a blue effect under UV light. This user friendly ink is also available in other shades on request.


Dedicated Products & Services

Morlock offers a variety of products and services that are especially useful for coin decoration. For example:

Digital Cliché Adjustment

  • Precision adjustment on relief
  • Fast production start

Digital Printing Option

  • In addition to reducing overhead and simplifying production flow, digital printing will reduce set-up time for production changes

Customizable Machinery & Tooling


Coin & Medallion Decoration Challenges

We understand the challenges commonly associated with coin and medallion decoration. Morlock’s customer or technical support staff can provide insight into the following areas:


  • We are familiar with the extremely rigorous precision requirements for coin decoration
  • Reduction of scrap rate with efficient and repeatable decoration
We would love to learn more about your coin & medaillion decoration challenge.