Particularly when printing on polymer materials such as PP or PE, it is important to pre-treat the substrate to achieve durable print. Morlock offers both corona and gas pre-treatments as well as high-efficiency plasma pre-treatments.

Gas Treatment

  • Modifies product surface for improved ink adhesion
  • Fast & cost effective
  • Ideal for automated applications

Corona Treatment

  • Modifies product surface for improved ink adhesion
  • Safe & economical solution
  • Small format – easily installed in automated systems

Plasma Treatment

  • Modifies product surface for superior ink adhesion
  • Longest lasting treatment window
  • Powerful & small format for automated lines


Morlock can install ionization units in order to prevent static electricity on both the printing pad and the material to be printed. These units prevent the splatter of ink caused by electrostatic charge. This results in improved printing results and a reduction in scrap.


Morlock offers technologies designed to speed the ink drying process – ensuring durable print ready for packaging.  Our range of post-treatment options includes:

Drying Tunnels
  • Capable of drying and curing a wide variety of inks
  • Cost-effective and simple controls
  • Well-suited for use with two-component inks using hardeners.
  • Combination of direct radiant heat and air passing through the heat panel promotes rapid drying and minimizes production time
Integrated Drying Modules
  • These modules can be easily integrated on a pad printing machine with rotary table or linear transport.
  • Ideal for quick drying on automated production lines
  • Small format with simple controls
Auxiliary Accessories

Morlock offers a range of additional auxiliary products to ensure optimal performance.

Morlock MCI Ink Cup
  • Refill ink cup or add thinner on the cliché (no need to unmount ink unit)
  • Superior durability
  • Reduced spare part requirements
  • Fast set up
  • Easy handling
Additional Products

Lap & Polishing Kits

  • Especially effective on steel and hard metal ink cups and ring doctor blades, this kit enables simultaneous lapping and polishing for perfect (shadow free) doctoring
  • Ensures continuous optimized print quality

XY Table / Rotary Table

  • Mechanical XY tables built and configured to provide high-performance positioning along multiple axis
  • Rotary (Reciprocating) electrical table in control cabinet available upon request.

Cliché Etching Exposure Unit

  • Highest quality etched plates with superior precision
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Powerful vacuum

Airjet Set - Pad Blower

The Airjet nozzle system provides superior ink release and faster printing sequences. Its flexible orientation makes it possible to blow-dry the ink onto the product, thus accelerating the pre-drying rate and increasing output per hour.

We have a large variety of additional supporting technologies. If you don't see what you need on this page, please give us a call. There is a good chance that we have what you are looking for.