Our Cliches

Morlock provides a range of plastic, laser, thick steel, and thin steel foil printing clichés to fit the full spectrum of pad printing applications. Each plate material type has features and benefits that make it suitable for specific requirements and operational budgets.

ITW Trans Tech supplies include pad printing plates.

Thick Steel Clichés (10mm)

  • Over a million impressions
  • Highest precision image
  • Most resistant and durable option
  • Critical image alignment for high tolerance applications
  • Etched at Morlock

Thin Steel Foil Cliche

  • Up to 150,000 impressions
  • Crisp, clean lines
  • Critical image alignment for high tolerance applications
  • Exposed at Morlock

Red Polymer Cliches

  • Up to 20,000 impressions
  • Highest quality print and longevity of all plastic plates
  • Alcohol wash
  • Red color
  • Variable depth
  • Compatible with 5 color process (CMYK+White)

Laser Cliches

  • Up to 20,000 impressions
  • CO2 laser Compatibility
  • Black color
  • Variable depth up to 30μm
Selection Criteria

Our designated plate making team has over 40 years combined experience in pad printing. We  study all relevant factors in order to recommend the printing plate that best fits your unique needs.

Specifically- we look at:

  • Plate performance requirements
  • Application requirements (substrate and geometry)
  • System requirements
  • Artwork requirements

  • Etch depth
  • Artwork positioning on printing plate
  • Print volume
  • Print speeds
  • Selected ink type

Supporting Supplies

In addition to clichés, Morlock offers supporting technologies for polymer clichés for customers who wish to produce their own clichés.

  • LPM computer-to-plate, laser plate exposure
  • Morlock Exposure Unit
  • Plate Washout Tray and Supplies

Plate making instructions can be found in our Info Center

LPM computer-to-plate, laser plate exposure

Simple, Functional Design

Enables rapid creation of laser clichés for short and long run jobs within pre-set parameters of solid, screened, and four-color process.

User-Friendly Input

Easy-to-use software makes graphics importing and positioning intuitive with minimal learning curve required.

How can we help you meet your pad printing cliches challenge?