Pad Print & Digital Print Equipment

Superior Repeatability Meets Unprecedented Efficiency

At Morlock we specialize in designing the Best Pad Print & Digital Equipment for product decorating challenge.

Our systems combine market-leading repeatability with superior efficiency and reliability.

We offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from flexible stand alone machines to automated, high-speed solutions.

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Single & Multi-Color Pad Print Equipment

Morlock offer both single and multi-color pad printing machines and our digital decoration machines can provide virtually limitless color options. Our advanced ink expertise allows us to match your color requirements with market-leading precision.

Pneumatic & Electromechanical Pad Print Equipment

ITW Morlock offers both pneumatic and electromechanical pad print equipment. Pneumatic systems are often favored for their flexibility while electromechanical systems provide streamlined repeatable performance. Our team of technical experts can walk you through the benefits and considerations tied to each approach and help you find the best solution for your unique application.

Stand-Alone to Fully-Automated Pad and Digital Print Solutions

At Morlock, we take pride in creating systems carefully tailored to a customer´s unique decoration requirements. For this reason- we provide a wide range of pad and digital print equipment. For lower volume applications that require greater flexibility- we offer stand alone printing equipment. For higher volume applications we provide highly complex automated systems that can incorporate elements like material handling and camera driven quality control.

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Substrates

Pad and digital printing equipment is well-suited for printing on a wide range of substrates. Both can provide highly durable print on a wide range of plastics as well as on metal substrates. Both techniques can be used to decorate treated and painted surfaces as well.

Compatibility With Wide Range of Shapes

Pad printing equipment in particular is very well-suited to printing on a range of even the most challenging part geometries. Our equipment can decorate flat (linear), 2D, 3D, curved, recessed surfaces and raised surfaces with the highest possible precision tolerances.