Automated Systems, Tooling & Consumables

Morlock provides durable, high-quality decoration with market-leading tight tolerance for even the most challenging automotive parts. Automotive brands,  molding specialists and component/assembly manufacturers trust Morlock for:

  • Stand Alone to Fully Automated Decoration Systems
  • Tooling & Consumables
  • Expert Validation Services (through our Applications Lab)


Durable, Precision Decoration on Automotive Parts

Automotive Interior, Exterior, Dashboard, & Underhood

Automotive part decorations is one market that we serve.

Morlock provides the precision color matching and decoration tight tolerance required for automotive interior part decoration.  We leverage our 40 years of experience to ensure consistent quality and smooth production flow.

Typical applications include:

  • Gear/Shifter Plate
  • Controls
  • Knobs
  • Displays
  • Trunk Latches

Morlock systems decorate a wide range of exterior automotive parts. Our one-pass & multiple color systems can be integrated into fully automated solutions. When tight tolerances or precise light diffusion requirements are present our art team provides expert support.

Typical applications include:

  • Medallions/Badges
  • Fuel Caps
  • Light Pipes
  • Light Lens Covers
  • Concept/First Run Cars

Morlock systems are designed to handle tight tolerances,  unique part angles and painted surfaces that often accompany dashboard product decorating.  Our quality tooling and machines provide superior printing of logos, buttons, and shift bezels.

Typical applications include:

  • USB/Sync logos

Morlock´s pad printers are well-suited for underhood automotive part decoration. Our systems stand out by providing superior decoration that exceeds industry quality standards for tolerances and ink durability. Our turnkey systems are able to pretreat and cure parts in line for better product flow.

Typical applications include:

  • Fill Caps
  • Engine Covers
Multicolor Pad Print Decoration on Long or Large Parts Morlock MPA Pad Printer Demonstration

Dedicated Products & Services

Morlock provides a range of products and services that are especially useful for automotive part decoration. For example:

Customizable Machinery & Tooling

  • Superior repeatability thanks to customizable machinery and dedicated tooling sets

Custom Automotive Inks

Automation Options

  • In addition to reducing overhead and simplifying production flow, automation can ensure safety requirements are met


Automotive Decoration Challenges

We understand the challenges commonly associated with automotive part decoration. Morlock’s customer or technical support staff can provide insight into the following areas:


  • We are familiar with the extremely rigorous quality control process that automotive parts must go through and can ensure product decoration goes right the first time
  • We understand the seriousness of field and warranty failures and can demonstrate how Morlock technology is robust and durable enough to provide consistent high-quality decoration for years and years
  • We can cost-effectively integrate automation into the product decoration process
  • We can provide specific guidance in achieving quick turn over and hence flexibility in automotive part decoration
We would love to learn more about your automotive product decoration challenge.