Washing Unit
100% Control for Optimized Cleaning
  • Stainless steel
  • CE Compliant: including cover bar, particles filter & solvent cover
  • Circulating sprinkle procedure
  • Cold cleaning (without  need to heat-up equipment for use of solvents with dangerous class AIII)
  • Temperature control & variable adjustable timer (0-60 minutes)
Cliché Cleaning Unit
Easy & Safe
  • Safe rinsing pan for clichés (for cleaning doctor blades, ink cups, etc.)
  • Safety feature closes the pan automatically in case of a fire and smoothers the flames
  • A safe and practical cleaning aid for newcomers to pad printing


Cleaning Agents
Cleaning agents for all applications :
  • Hand cleaner (also suitable for MORLOCK Washing Up Units)
  • Maximum-Strength cleaning power
  • Cleaning agent for misprints (very smooth)
  • Cleaning agents for Ultrasonic Cleaning Units
Pad Cleaning Tape
Engineered to clean a pad printing pad but not damage pad surface
  • Our tape allows automatic removal of unwanted material (dust, dried ink, other debris) from the pad’s surface, keeping the quality of the image free from dust specks and pinholes.
  • Variety of tapes designed to meet the needs of many different types of tape off devices.
Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks
Simplified and Contamination-Free Ink Mixing
  • Uncoated mixing cups avoid contamination issues when mixing ink with hardener  and thinner.
  • Our Mixing Sticks are just the right length for mixing your ink with hardener and thinner in our mixing cups or inside of the original can
Ink Mixing Viscosity Spatula
Ink Mixing and Transfer Tool
  • Always mix your ink to the same viscosity
  • Reduce transfer issues

For technical datasheets, safety data sheets (SDS) please visit the Resource Center.

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