Quality Silicone Mixing

Our high precision silicone mixing system provides superior consistency than previously possible with careful hand mixing.

Morlock Pad Printing Pads

Our pads are designed for ease and  flexibility when it comes to pad changeovers. Retrofit systems are also available.

  • Easy change system (no specialized tools required)
  • Simplified pad rotation
  • XY adjustability
  • Robust wooden or steel base
  • Multiple pad mount configurations
  • Very long life (application dependent)

Our Pads

Sapphire Pads
  • Excellent antistatic properties
  • Solves spider wedding issue related to static problems
  • Durable but flexible performance
  • Best quality printing for long run
Red Pads
  • Quick printing sequences
  • Highly durable (well-suited to long production runs)
  • High mechanical resistance

Selection Criteria

Pad printing pads pick up the image from the etched plate and transfer it to the printing surface. Selecting the optimal printing pad for your specific application is critical for ensuring quality print. It is important to consider pad size, shape,  hardness, substrate features/surface finish, printing equipment as well as the type of artwork desired.

Selection Criteria
Pad Shape

This is the most significant factor in determining how well a pad delivers its imprint,  Optimal pad shape will depend on the geometries of the product being decorated. Flatter surfaces require sharper pad angles that generally equate to better the print. Custom pad shapes are available.

Pad Size

Pad printing pads should be at least 20-30% larger than the desired image size.  For large items, maximum pad size are determined by printing system parameters.  Pad should cover the entire image. Image distortion is often caused by pads that are too small. Morlock pads range from very small to some of the largest available in the industry.

Pad Durometer (hardness)

In general, pads with the highest durometers (hardness) offer the highest quality printed images.  However, it is essential to consider the compression capabilities of your printing system and the unique characteristics of the substrate you are decorating. Morlock offers a wide variety of pad durometers.  We also provide expert guidance in selecting the best fit for your specific application.

Substrate Features / Surface Finish

Both the size and shape (smooth vs. textured) of the printing surface need to be considered in pad printing pad selection.

Printing Equipment Capability

Our experts consider features like system compression strength and print clearance before selecting the best pad for an application.

Desired Image & Volume

The size of the desired printed image dictates which pad size is selected (pads should be 20-30% larger than desired decoration).

Also the complexity of the desired image may play a role in pad selection. So will desired print volume as our experts will ensure your selected pad is durable enough for your volume requirements.

How can we help you meet your pad printing pad challenge?