Superior Pad Print Consumables

Unmatched Time & Cost Savings

Customers expect the same superior quality from Morlocka pad print consumables as they have come to know from our pad print machines.

Deep expertise in the entire pad printing process allows Morlock to provide pad print consumable supplies that combine leading performance with unprecedented time and cost savings.


Our knowledge of designing systems and consumables to work together seamlessly allows Morlock to provide highly reliable pad printing solutions. 

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Morlock's Range of Pad Print Consumable Supplies

Pad Print Ink

Morlock is proud to have earned a reputation for providing pad print inks with superior durability. Learn more about our market-leading range of pad print inks. We also offer ink-related services like precision color matching.

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Pad Print Clichés

Let the Morlock Clichés Team identify the ideal pad printing cliché for your unique project. We provide etched clichés (with market-leading precision) as well as blank clichés and cliche etching supplies.

Our clichés are available in standard and custom sizes in universal format (punch holes for use in any system). Choose between a range of plastic, laser, thick steel, and thin steel options to find the plate best suited to your needs.

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Pad print accessories can be essential in delivering consistently high-quality pad print decoration. Learn more about our cleaning and mixing accessories and how they can help you!

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