Optimal Solution Identification Team

Over the past four decades,  we have tested and built hundreds of pad printing systems. Each system is carefully tailored to precise application performance requirements. This experience has made us ideally suited to provide expert process and application consulting.

Our applications team can work closely with you to understand your unique decorating challenge. We can recommend an optimal solution carefully tailored to your precise application requirements.


Our engineering experts have an average of 10 years each in pad printing experience. They have the expertise required to build your system with market-leading precision.


Holding Fixtures Team

Holding fixtures are the foundation of highly repeatable decoration. Morlock’s dedicated team of fixture experts have decades of experience in creating precision fixtures – painstakingly designed for optimal performance in each unique application.


Morlock Art Studio

The experts in our art studio have an average of over 20 years of experience in helping customers turn their vision into pad printed reality.

We use the latest in design software to help with:

  • Art Development (from concept or from existing art)
  • Distorted Art Generation
  • Film Development (film negatives or positives)
  • Color Separations
  • Color or Black & White Prints
Pad Team

Deep expertise in pad composition and real-life pad use requirements allow our Pad Team to identify precisely the right pad for your printing needs.

Morlock is among the first-in-the-industry to use innovative tools like laser base cutters and digital silicone mixers to ensure optimal pad performance.


Morlock Ink Lab

The experts in the Morlock Ink Lab can pinpoint the best ink chemistry for your unique application thanks to our experience with compatible substrates and insights into a long list of considerations impacting your print requirements. We provide color matching within a dE color variance of 2.0 or less.

We offer more pad printing ink series than anyone in the market and ensure accurate color matching thanks to our investment in cutting-edge spectrophotometer technology. 

Technical Support Team

We understand our customers have no room for technical issues as they work to meet aggressive production timelines,

Morlock is so confident in the quality of our systems- we offer an industry-leading warranty.

At the same time, we also have a highly skilled (average of 25 years experience each) technical support team ready to address any challenges you may have online, over the phone or in person.  Our Technical Support Team is efficient. Less than 3% of technical issues require service visits and 80% of issues are resolved same day.

Training Team

The training our experienced lab technicians provide goes a step further than ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your pad printing system and related processes. We tailor our training and performance audits to your unique application and production environment.

We provide in-house and onsite training to get your teams up and running quickly.

We also provide thorough expert workflow and performance audits to uncover opportunities for cost and time savings. 

Customer Service

Our Customer Service experts have an average of over 20 years experience each. They know how to listen and how to move quickly to get the best results for your unique product decorating challenge.



Spare Parts & Logistics

Our Spare Parts & Logistics Team maintains stock of spare parts and ensures products are shipped to you on-time, every time.

Assembly Team

Our Team of electricians and mechanical builders have decades of experience in building high quality automated pad printing systems.

Operations Management

Martin Gaiser is the Operations Manager and official representative of ITW Morlock.

He pulls from more than 20 years of financial and business administration experience to ensure that Morlock lives up to its potential in serving as a Trusted Partner for product decoration.


Jennifer Perr is the General Manager of the ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS) Division.

She pulls from her more than 25 years of Senior-level leadership and from her diverse background in marketing, operations, innovation, sustainability, and sales management to help ensure that ITW MORLOCK and our sister companies –  ITW UNITED SILICONE, ITW CER and ITW TRANSTECH are able to deliver on our pledge to be a Trusted Partner for Product Decoration.

Would you like to learn more about our team? We'd love to hear from you.