Wide Range of Supplies
Our extensive list of pad printing supplies includes:
  Product Benefit Description
Anti-Corrosion Spray – 340 gr net
(Ref. Number – #141111)
Protects pad printing plates from corrosion Protects pad printing plates from corrosion by forming a protective film coating. This prevents moisture from oxidizing the polished steel surface. Excellent for short- or long-term plate storage, it can be removed easily with conventional cleaning solvents, such as Trans Tech Cliché Spray.
Cliché Spray – 425 gr net
(Ref. Number – #141110)
Dissolves dried ink without contamination Dissolves dried ink in the etched areas of cliché printing plates, on the doctor blade assembly, spatula, inkwell or any other machine component surface. Since it does not contaminate the ink, it becomes an excellent tool for restarting the printing operation after long periods of idle time.
  Long Life Oil – 16 oz
(Ref. Number – #141112)
Prolongs life of silicone rubber transfer pads Prolongs the life of silicone rubber transfer pads while promoting excellent ink transfer-ability. When applied properly, it replenishes the silicone oil to the pad body that normally becomes lost during printing operations. This is an ideal product for short & long term pad storage.
Pad Cleaner – 1 quart #111082
(Ref. Number – #1411121)
Effective cleaning of silicone rubber transfer pads Safely removes dust, dirt, ink & other contaminants while prolonging pad life. Pad cleaner minimizes excessive silicone oil removal from the pad body. Use before, during & after printing operations as required.
Large Capacity Paper Towels & Dispenser
(Ref. Number- #1419008-Paper Towel 4 Roll Case)(Ref. Number – #1419009- Paper Towel Dispenser)
Lint-free paper towels with dispenser These Lint-free towels don’t leave lint and residue behind.  The convenient dispenser is ideal for cleanups and getting the right length of towel without waste.
Inx-Off! Hand Cleaner & Dispenser
(Ref. Number – #1411132- 2000ml bottle)
(Ref. Number – #1411133- Dispenser)
Remove ink and stains from skin Get that grime off your hands with our Inx-Off! Hand Cleaner– the best product we know for getting ink & stains off your skin.

Dispenser conveniently dispenses cleaner into your hands can be mounted right next to your workstation or clean up area.

Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks
(Ref.Number-#141039 – 50 – 8oz Paper Cups)(Ref. Number – #141108- 50 – 6¨Mixing Sticks)(Ref. Number – #14111081- 50 – 9¨Mixing Sticks)
Cups and sticks for simplified and contamination-free ink mixing Uncoated Mixing Cups avoid contamination issues when mixing ink with hardener (if necessary) and thinner.

Our 6” Mixing Sticks are just the right length for mixing your ink with hardener and thinner in our mixing cups.

9” Mixing Sticks are ideal for mixing the ink inside of the original can and removing for mixing up smaller batches

Ink Mixing Viscosity Spatula
(Ref. Number – #11400002)
Ink mixing and transfer tool Always mix your ink to the same viscosity to help reduce transfer issues and ease of printing.
Skape Tape
(Ref. Number – #1140026- 100mm wide skate tape)
(Ref. Number – #1140027- 125mm wide skate tape)
(Ref. Number – #1140028- 125mm- 4 Roll Pack 76mm diameter with plastic core)
(Ref. Number – #1140029- Tape 495 77mm wide and 200 foot long)
Engineered to have enough tact to clean pad but not so much as to damage pad We have several different tapes designed to meet the needs of many different types of tape off devices. Our tape allows the operator to periodically remove unwanted material from the pad’s surface, keeping the quality of the image free from dust specks and pinholes. The quality of the print improves when the pad is clear of dust, dried ink, and other debris predominate in the pad printing process.



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