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Pad Print Decoration for Automotive Parts

Are you interested in learning about how pad print decoration is applied to automotive parts and components? This post provides an overview of the pad print machines, supplies, and services that ITW Morlock offers to decorate a wide range of automotive parts.


Automotive Decoration Requirements

What is unique or special about decorating automotive products and components? Like in most markets, automotive brands and their suppliers need repeatable, high-quality decoration. Due to the nature of the automotive industry, this decoration often requires approved custom ink colors and difficult substrates with specific adhesion requirements. Automotive brands and their suppliers require a high level of efficiency that embraces everything from quick changeovers to reduced scrap. Finally, given the required lifespan of automotive parts and components, pad print decoration for automotive parts must be highly durable.

Uses & Applications

Pad print equipment is often used to apply branding, design enhancements, or decorative upgrades and elements such as notification, safety, and indicator markings to a range of automotive components.  Pad print decoration is well-suited for a range of automotive applications including – interior, exterior, dashboard, and underhood components.

Exterior Automotive Applications

Exterior automotive part decoration requirements vary widely from application to application. ITW Morlock has expertise in standard and customized systems as well as the process development for many different applications such as
-Light Lens Covers and Light Pipes,
-Exterior Trim, Rims and Grills
-Medallions or Badges
-Fuel Caps,
– and Concept or First Run Cars.

Interior Automotive Applications

Automotive companies trust ITW Morlock for superior interior automotive part decoration. Our highly specialized tooling and holding fixtures allow for easier setup and greatly simplified changeovers.
-Gear/Shifter Plates and
-Trunk Latches
are some of the interior automotive decorations well-suited to pad print decoration.

Dashboard Applications

ITW Morlock specializes in custom tooling sets or holding fixtures, as well as in custom pads, and distorted artwork to simplify the application of pad print decoration onto the complex contours often found in automotive dashboards. Our deep expertise in inks and ink-substrate compatibility allows us to provide expert color-matching and ink adhesion performance even on challenging interior automotive parts.

Underhood Automotive Applications

ITW Morlock´s machine configuration size options allow for optimal decoration on engine covers, fill caps, battery housings, and brake pads. The tooling sets we provide simplify changeovers and reduce set-up time while providing consistent decoration on high-temperature plastics.

Total Solution Provider

ITW Morlock is a total solution provider for pad print decoration for automotive parts, providing everything an automotive brand or supplier needs, from concept support through completed product handling. We have a wide range of systems, supplies, and services uniquely tailored to supporting Automotive products.



ITW Morlock offers a wide range of pad print equipment suitable for automotive part and component decoration. Our systems work as stand-alone printers or as part of larger automated systems. We offer a wide range of auxiliary equipment as well as pre- and post-decoration treatments as needed.


ITW Morlock produces supplies with market-leading precision to ensure highly repeatable decoration print-after-print.

You will find superior performance across our wide range of supplies.

-Our ink expertise allows ITW Morlock to offer superior custom color matching and ink adhesion performance.
-Morlock printing plates are produced with market-leading precision.
-Our pad print pads are available in a range of shapes, sizes and durometers.
-The custom holding fixtures we create for automotive brands and suppliers greatly enhance print quality and efficiency.
-Finally, our ink cups are specially designed for optimal performance and quick changeovers.


One of the things that makes ITW Morlock stand out is that we are not an “order in, order out” company. Our experts have deep expertise in the entire product decoration process. They will work carefully with you from start to finish (from system installation to training and beyond) to ensure that your product decoration is streamlined and optimized for your needs. Our services include
-optimal solution identification
– feasibility trials and testing
– process development
– custom fixtures and tooling
– art development
– technical support
-training and performance audits

Additional Information

Would you like to learn more about automotive pad print decoration from Morlock? Please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.