Morlock’s Pad Print Consumable Supplies

Pad Print Inks, Clichés, Pads, and More!

Pad Print Consumable Supplies

You may be familiar with Morlock´s range of pad printing machines and equipment. But did you know Morlock is also a leading quality pad print consumable supplies provider?

Our unique expertise with the entire pad print decoration process allows Morlock to design and create pad print consumables with market-leading performance and efficiency. This post provides a quick overview of the types of pad print consumable supplies:



Pad Print Inks

We will start by looking at Morlock´s range of pad print inks, additives, and ink-related services.

Each pad print project is unique and requires slightly different pad print ink characteristics for optimal performance. Morlock offers a wide range of standard pad print inks to address this need.

Pad Print Ink Range

Each pad print project is unique and requires slightly different pad print ink characteristics for optimal performance. Morlock offers a wide range of specialty pad print inks to address this need.

Morlock´s standard pad print ink range includes solvent-based, high-speed, high-performance, and specialty inks.

Solvent-Based Inks

  • Single Component
  • Two Component
High-Speed Inks

  • Fast Curing UV Inks
  • High-Speed Transfer Inks
High-Performance Inks

  • High Density
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
Specialty Inks

  • Medical Class VI
  • Automotive
  • Infant/Child Non-Toxic


Ink-Related Services
Morlock offers a variety of ink-related services.

Experts from the Morlock Ink Lab can identify the optimal formulation for your decorating needs after considering a wide number of factors, including:
color, substrate, printing speed, ink type, abrasion and adhesion requirements, opacity, the possible need for pre-treatment, and the desired number of prints.

If your ideal pad print ink is unavailable as part of our vast supply of standard ink, we can create a custom ink for you.

You´ve come to the right place if you need high-precision color matching. The highly trained experts in the Morlock Ink Lab are the best in the industry.


Pad Print Ink Additives

In some instances, additives can boost the performance of pad print inks. Morlock offers a range of pad print ink additives, including – hardeners, thinners, adhesion promoters, and specialty additives.


Ink Cups

Not only do Morlock´s innovative MCI Ink Cups allow for fast setup and easy handling, but they are also designed to allow operators to add ink or additives to the cliché without unmounting the ink unit. Further ease is added by the changeable doctoring rings, which extend ink cup life and reduce set-up times. Available in either ceramic or metal formats, the doctoring rings are compatible with thick steel, thin steel, and plastic cliches.

The MCI Ink Cup and replacement doctoring rings can be quickly cleaned without needing special tools.

Cost savings are generated by the MCI Ink Cup and Doctoring Ring´s superior durability and reduced spare part requirements.




Pad Print Clichés

At Morlock, we combine a market-leading range of pad print clichés with market-leading cliche-making expertise. We offer a range of materials, etching options, and cliché sizes to meet varied customer needs.

Morlock provides an industry-leading range of etched and non-etched clichés in plastic polymer and steel formats.

We etch clichés with industry-leading precision thanks to continuous investment in best-in-class technology.

Finally, we offer cliché etching equipment and a wide range of expert cliché-related services.


Cliché Materials


Pad print clichés are made out of either plastic polymers or steel. The two different types of plates differ in etching techniques, life span, and precision.

Generally speaking, plastic pad print clichés are more cost-effective than steel plates. Depending on the type of plastic polymer used, the lifespan of these cliches typically ranges somewhere between 15,000 and 100,000 impressions.

Both thin and thick steel pad printing plates are highly durable, providing unmatched performance. Thin steel plates have a 1mm profile and can provide up to 150,000 impressions. Thick steel plates have a 10mm profile and can provide up to 1 million impressions. Both thin and thick steel clichés provide crisp, clean lines and critical image alignment for high-tolerance applications. Thick steel clichés provide the highest level of precision and repeatability available.

Morlock has a range of standard cliché sizes and offers custom plate clichés as well. Pad printing clichés can be sent unpunched or with punched holes/slots for use on Morlock or competitor pad print equipment.


Cliché Etching Accuracy

Etching accuracy is key to ensuring highly repeatable, quality pad print decoration. When selecting a pad print plate, finding a partner with experience in finely detailed artwork and registration is key. Expertise in specialty-depth, critical-line, and multi-depth etching is also key.

Morlock is proud to provide our customers with market-leading plate etch accuracy. Morlock provides both blank as well as fully-etched pad printing plates.

Frequently, plastic clichés are sold blank to be etched by our customers in-house, whereas steel clichés are etched at Morlock before shipping.

Plastic pad print plates are typically etched with an alcohol or water wash. Some plastic plates are compatible with CO2 laser engraving. Both thick and thin steel plates are precision acid etched.

The secret to our success? Control of the entire etching process and consistent investment in cutting-edge technology.


Cliché-Related Services

The Morlock Cliché Team has unmatched expertise. We know how to carefully study all relevant factors to recommend the cliché that best fits each customer’s specific needs.

Our Keyence Electronic Microscopes ensure industry-leading accuracy of plate etch depth up to  +/- 2 microns

Morlock also provides many supporting technologies for customers who wish to produce their own pad printing clichés. Our list of supporting technologies includes:

  • LPM computer-to-plate, laser plate etcher
  • Morlock Exposure Unit
  • 21-Step Grey Scale Test Kit
  • Plate Washout Tray and Supplies




Pad Print Pads

Morlock also provides a range of pad print pads designed for superior repeatability and efficiency.


Pad Print Pads: Wide Range

Our pad print pads are available in various shapes, sizes, and durometers.

We provide standard and custom pads in single and dual-durometer formats in cylindrical, linear, square, hollow, and compound formats.

Morlock pads provide superior decoration because they are manufactured with superior cutting-edge technology.


Pad Print Pads: Superior Repeatability 

Our pads feature stable silicone formulations for superior repeatability, tear strength, and solvent resistance.
Morlock was the first in the market to use an innovative digital silicone metering and mixing system to ensure high precision accuracy and repeatability batch after batch.


Pad Print Pads: Superior Efficiency

Morlock designs pad print pads for ease and flexibility when it comes to changeovers. Retrofit systems are also available.

Time and cost savings are generated by the fact that Morlock pad changeovers can be completed without requiring specialized tools. Also, our pads have a very long lifespan in most applications.

Our pads are also known for their flexibility – with simplified pad rotation, XY adjustability, and multiple pad mount configurations on wooden or steel bases. Morlock pads are made in-house and can be mounted with screw, wood screw, magnetic, or locating holes for simplified integration.



Pad Print Process Accessories

Finally, Morlock also offers various process accessories engineered for optimal performance in our pad printing systems.

Our range includes cleaning supplies such as washing units, cleaning agents, tape, etc. Our mixing supplies include cups, stir sticks, and an ink-mixing viscosity spatula.


Would you like to know more?

Would you like more information about Morlock´s extensive range of pad print consumable supplies? Please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.