Pad Print Ink- What Morlock Offers

An overview of Morlock´s range of pad print inks and ink-related services

A market-leading range of pad print inks and services

Morlock worked hard to earn a reputation as the global leader in pad printing ink. We offer a market-leading range of pad printing inks as well as supporting products and services. We are proud to stand out in terms of our ink’s performance and the convenience with which customers can order our ink.


Superior Durability, Range, and Expertise

Morlock is known for providing pad print ink with industry-leading durability, from our industry-leading ink range, and with industry-leading ink expertise. We are proud to be a European market leader in three key areas related to pad print ink.

First – Our inks are widely considered the most durable available today. Our deep expertise in the entire pad print process- including machines, supplies, and services- allows us to engineer ink with standout durability.

Second- Morlock has one of the largest ink warehouses in Europe. Our wide selection of pad printing inks allows Morlock to stand out as a leader.

Finally- Morlock´s Ink Lab experts combine industry-leading expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide superior ink-related support services.

We will present each of these areas in more detail.


Range of Ink Types & Colors

Morlock offers a market-leading range of standard pad print inks. In fact, we offer:
*INK LINES: 14 different standard ink lines as well as specialty inks for unique applications
*STANDARD COLORS: 14 available standard colors
*MIX COLORS: 12 C-Mix colors for simplified color matching in many ink lines
*OPTIONS: Both metallic and process colors.


Ink Categories

Each pad print project is unique and requires slightly different pad print ink characteristics for optimal performance. Morlock offers a wide range of specialty pad print inks to address this need.

*Solvent-Based Inks:

  • Single component
  • Two-component

*High-Speed Inks:

  • Fast curing UV
  • High-speed transfer

*High-Performance Inks:

  • High density
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant

*Specialty Inks:

  • Medical Class VI
  • Automotive inks
  • Infant/child non-toxic inks


Pad Print Ink Additives

Additives can boost the performance of pad printing inks in many instances. It is important to work with a trusted partner who can provide guidance on what kind of additives might be beneficial to your unique project and how they can best be used.

Morlock´s range of pad print ink additives includes:

*Ink Additives:

  • specialty additives
  • adhesion promoters
  • thinners
  • hardeners


Pad Print Ink Expertise

Experts in the Morlock Ink Lab are deeply familiar with ink performance and the entire pad printing process. This allows Morlock to stand out in our ability to provide custom inks carefully designed to meet your specific application requirements. We understand how product geometry, production environment, and substrate characteristics combine to determine which pad printing ink will provide best results for your project.


Pinpointing the Best Ink for Each Application

You may be wondering- how do we do this?

Experts in the Morlock Ink Lab can identify the best formulation for your decorating needs after considering a wide number of factors, including:

*Analysis Factors:

  • industry
  • substrate
  • color
  • ink type
  • adhesion/abrasion and chemical resistance requirements
  • opacity
  • printing speed
  • need for pretreatments

After thoroughly studying each of these elements, experts in the Morlock Ink Lab can identify the standard ink best suited to your project OR develop a custom ink specially designed to match your unique project requirements precisely.


Precision Pad Print Ink Color Matching

For decades, Morlock has provided customers with precise color performance batch after batch. All color batches are kept within a delta E color variance of 2 or less!!

To ensure absolute consistency from batch to batch- Custom color formulas are kept on file, ready for next time. Please see our separate blog post or our video on precision pad print ink color matching.


Additional Information

Would you like additional information about Morlock´s range of pad print inks and ink-related services? Please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.